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We Help To Develop Your Own Real-time Personalization Engine

We understand very well what it means to provide personalization as a service like a third party vendor, as well as we are well experienced in how we could be your valuable partner if you wanted to own the personalization tool and wanted to fully internalize the related skills and capabilities.

  • Diverse personalization experience and capabilities both as a service provider and as a software developer
  • Deep understanding of selected industries
  • Alliance relationship with Deloitte, offerings are jointly built and commercialized

The Road To Real-time Personalization At Scale Is Bumpy


How To Start?

Few Examples for Business Considerations

How to increase revenue while having a positive impact on customer experience?

How to balance personalization with data privacy?

What are the realistic expectations regarding the return on investment (ROI)?

How to execute change management for governance, process, talent and KPI?

Few Examples for Technology Considerations

Whether to select a third party tool as an extension of any already deployed all-in-one legacy architecture?

Whether to select a stand-alone solution from a smaller technology startup company?

Whether to acquire a smaller technology startup company having the right tool?

Whether to start an in-house development from scratch mainly with newly hired specialists?

One Of The World's Most Valuable Resource Is Data

The intention to own the Real-time Personalization Engine to understand what is behind "the black-box machine learning modeling", and to be able to control how Machine Learning or AI is utilized on the customer data is a reasonable initiative.


We are pleased to help you to own a Real-time Personalization Engine. Our offering is very different from what the all-in-one technology providers or the smaller technology startup companies can offer. Our offering is a true alternative of a respective, smaller technology startup company’s acquisition that owns such a software, or of developing such a software from scratch. 

How We Work

Our Working Process

We intend to build a long-term relationship in order to enable you to internalize all the personalization tools, skills and capabilities as your own assets and know-how. No any pressure to buy the source code as long as you do not feel comfortable with internalization, it can be conveniently used in a SaaS setup until such decision, as the solution is a true cloud agnostic application.


Pilot / AB Test








Proposed Personalization Use Cases In Your Industry

Illustrations based on real customer examples from across the world


We are happy to open up "the black-box machine learning modeling" for your company