Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Actually Why We Are &
Who We Are.

If you choose us it will mean you will be seriously considering to own the real-time personalization solution, and we will help you to make it happen. You will not only benefit from having your own, well working Real-time Personalization Engine finally, but you will have it faster and in a more cost efficient way. Also, you can avoid all the own development and experimentation related risks, for example the development takes longer than expected, the costs will be higher than expected, the performance will not be in line with expectations, scalability issues, dependency on the few employees that really understand what and how they developed, etc.

Diverse Personalization Experience

and capabilities both as a service provider and as a software developer

Access To Source Code

and the know-how to enable you to independently develop the software further

Alliance Relationship With Deloitte

offerings are jointly built, and commercialized mainly with local resources in most of the countries

Quick Pilot / AB Test in SaaS setup

on a low-cost, low risk-basis to experience what it takes using our tool and working with us

Knowledge Transfer

to setup, optimize and measure 100+ ML personalization use cases

A True Cloud Agnostic Application

that can be moved to any on-premises infrastructure, and to any public cloud platform


We are happy to open up "the black-box machine learning modeling" for your company